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AP Two-Piece Baffle Box Brushed Gold

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$49.99 each

Newly-designed two-piece acrylic baffle box which disassembles in seconds!

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A brand new .75″ thick acrylic baffle box design featuring two detachable pieces securely held together by high-quality magnets. Baffle boxes produce more action against the dice edge to generate more rolling and turning, resulting in a higher percentage of random dice rolls.
When disassembled, the three baffle box panels measure 1.5″ high each and may be safely stored in our included soft case within a player’s board. No more worries about scratching the playing surface of your treasured backgammon board!
As an added bonus, the AP Baffle Box includes a custom metal stand designed to be slid underneath any backgammon board, allowing for an extremely stable support for your new box.
Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 4 × 4 in


1 review for AP Two-Piece Baffle Box Brushed Gold

  1. temsat

    Gorgeous baffle box with a beautiful gold finish! Assemble and disassemble it in seconds!

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